My Seven Beliefs About Libraries

My Seven Beliefs about Libraries in the Digital Age:

  1. I believe in digital literacy for all users of the internet and especially the mobile web and I want to know how to make it possible
  2. I believe in libraries as not only a repository of knowledge, but also a place of instruction in research and facilitation of information use for any type of community it serves
  3. I believe libraries support individual freedom by inviting community members in to share low-cost or free resources for the education, professional development and personal enlightenment of themselves and those around them
  4. I believe librarians who aim to support their communities in meaningful and relevant ways
  5. I believe in librarians as change agents on at the person-to-person level to the policy levels
  6. I believe in libraries as protected safe spaces for our communities to collect and freely exchange ideas
  7. I believe that librarians’ role in our societies is to be the keepers and protectors of knowledge