about Meditations with Krishana Yoga

Crishuana is a visible advocate for holistic contemplation and integrative physical literacy for scholars, thinkers and all of us who use our minds on a daily basis. She brings her passion for sharing healthy lifestyles to her public service through yoga and meditation for libraries. For the past five years, she has taught professional workshops on mindfulness for more agile organizations.

Crishuana’s path as a yogi began two years into her first bachelor’s degree when anxiety and depression caused her to seriously consider giving up an Ivy League degree. Struggling through emotional pain, her connection to God brought her to mindfulness based therapy.

Since then, she has sought great teachers to develop her practice, from acclaimed contemporary dance masters to Yoga Journal-rated teachers. In 2017, she received her CYT-230 certification is through the Asheville Yoga Center, as recommended to her by fellow graduate, Jessamyn Stanley.

After 10 years of practice, Crishuana says, “I am still deeply benefiting from my regular yoga and meditation practices and learning all the time. I am blessed to see how the Lord has anointed my practice and provided opportunities to share His light and His healing power through yoga.”

The art of flexibility requires strength, patience and self-control in order to act with discipline and grace. Through a healthy yoga practice, we empower ourselves to experiment, fail and overcome, and ultimately cultivate a liberating sense of joy and peace.

Krishana Yoga is a Christian Yoga practice developed from a decade of study. In her teaching, Crishuana shares a Holy Spirit filled practice that purifies the mind-body and invites the presence of God as inspired by I Corinthians 6.19.

Krishana Yoga movement is informed by the work of Mary Bond and Bessel van der Kolk. Through intelligent sequencing and the use of props, props, props, our movement is joint sensitive and alignment based. It draws from Christian, Hatha and contemplative traditions to encourage reflective movement expresses itself from the inside out.

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