on being acknowledged.

I became a librarian to facilitate original scholarship that builds out complexity of the historical record.

Noble_and_Independent_Course-AcknowledgementSome time ago, as a Dartmouth College Lathem Fellow at Rauner Special Collections Library, I got to build on some of my undergrad research assisting Dr. Woody Lee on his Rev. Edward Mitchell, ’28 project. Dr. Lee had an a suspicion that Rev. Mitchell was potentially the first admitted black student in the Ivy league and I, too, was curious to find out if was true.

Imagine my excitement to find out that 5 years later, Dr. Lee’s project has birthed into a full work: Lee, F. A., & Pringle, J. S. (2018). A Noble and Independent Course: The Life of the Reverend Edward Mitchell. Dartmouth College Press. [WorldCat]
For purchase from University Press of New England: https://www.upne.com/1512602845.html

Many congrats, Woody!

For more information on Dr. Lee’s research, watch his 35-minute presentation “Ivy League Pioneers: Black Students at Dartmouth, 1775–1950″ (2015) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4EGynO2uDc